FAQ & Policies

When will I receive my media Package?

We strive to offer our customers quick 24 hour turnaround times on all media. Video content may take up to 48 hours for delivery. 

Certain services including virtual staging, podcasts, and any services rendered Friday afternoons are subject to longer turnaround times.

How can I pay for my media Package?

Invoices will be sent via email and can be paid via credit card, check or Venmo. Please Note: if paying with credit card, a 3% transaction fee will be added to your total.

What is your cancellation Policy?

Our cancellation policy is that for inclement weather, (ie. heavy rain & snow) appointments can be rescheduled free of charge even within 24 hours. Delays due to transportation can be accommodated, however delays greater than 30 min from the scheduled appointment will force a cancellation.

All appointments must be canceled more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time, otherwise there will be a non-refundable 50% cancellation fee.

Cancellation due to any of the following (Less than 24 hours before the appointment time) will incur a 50% charge of the total booking fee. (i.e if total charge is $200 the customer will be refunded $100)

  • The space is messy and not “photo ready,” and the customer decides to reschedule, rather than photograph the unit. (If the unit is replaced with another unit on the same day, and the photographer is already onsite, there will be no extra charge.)
  • Tenants do not allow entry to photograph.
  • Photographers are not able to enter the building or space, due to the customer’s own fault (ie. not arranging beforehand, forgetting to show up, no combo lock box…etc).
  • Customer fails to show up to scheduled appointment.
  • Customer is unable to arrive for the scheduled appointment time, due to traffic or other reasons, without calling to update the photographer (greater than 30 min delay).
  • Space is messy and requires more than 30 minutes to be prepared for the photoshoot, therefore forcing cancellation. 
What should I do to get my listing ready for media?

Client Preparation Checklist:

Please use this checklist as a guide for preparing your home:

Exterior :

  • Move vehicles from the driveway and away from the front of the home.
  • Place garbage bins inside the garage or out of sight.
  • Clean windows.
  • Mow or landscape gardens as needed. Coil hoses, remove any trash, animal droppings etc.
  • Freshen up your outdoor seating area to look warm and inviting.

Kitchen :

  • Clear all counter tops, including any cleaning supplies.
  • Remove small appliances, including toasters, blenders, etc.
  • Front of the fridge should be clear of magnets, paper, and pictures.
  • Hide your trash can.

General :

  • Open all drapes and blinds.
  • Move/Remove any furniture that obstructs windows.
  • Remove rugs from floors, especially from tile or wood floors.
  • Try to conceal any cords.
  • Make all beds nicely, with smoothed bedspread and fluffed up pillows, (hidden stuff under the bed or in the wardrobe is fine where it can’t be seen!)
  • Clear clutter from everywhere – shoes, toys, umbrellas, everyday items you may use.
  • Depersonalize and remove family photos or artistic nudes etc…
  • Turn all ceiling fans OFF. They will create a motion blur in your photo.
  • Turn all inside lights ON. This will help create a light and spacious impression.
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs. Check this carefully – and ensure all lights in one space are the same color temperature. (Are  they matching warm bulbs or cool temp blue light?)
  • Remove ALL evidence of pets including water/food bowls, toys, blankets and beds – from everywhere.
    *If you have any pets on the premises, please have them restrained.

Bathrooms :

  • Toilet lids should be down.
  • Clear the vanity/shelving/shower of all personal care items
  • Hide your cleaning brushes and trash cans.
  • Full roll of toilet paper.
  • Just have one small towel on the towel rail.

The garage may be your ideal place to stack your surplus stuff out of the way for the photo shoot and following open homes/buyer inspections. We don’t need to take photos of your storage space. The external pictures of the garage show enough information. We aim to produce photographs that show off the very best features and spaces in your home. Thank you for taking the time to have it ready for the session.

When are you available for a shoot?

Our hours of availability are Monday-Friday 9am until 6pm. 


*Saturday and Sunday are available for shooting photos or video if necessary. Please inquire for details.


*PLEASE NOTE: Any media shot on Saturday or Sunday will not be ready until Tuesday morning, as our editors work Monday-Friday evening shifts. Friday shoots may be available Saturday mornings, but any requested edits will not be ready until Tuesday morning.


What should I do to prepare for my agent spotlight?
  1. Prepare a script in advance (be ready to tell your story). You have two hours of filming, so make sure you have content to take ample footage. 


  1. Bring items that showcase your vision. (ie: phone, computer, pets, children, etc.) If you have a theme, run with it! For example: you played competitive basketball, so you weave basketball throughout your video shoot. 


  1. Choose 1 to 2 locations within a five mile proximity to provide different background opportunities for the video. The more footage the better, so please consider location carefully. We recommend coffee shops, your office, favorite park, your current listing, or any other spot you want to highlight. 
Will you be able to do drone footage on my listing?

On 95% of all listings, the answer is YES! But the FAA does prohibit drone flight over certain areas of airspace. Should your listing be part of this regulation/zone, we will not be able to obtain aerial footage of your property. Our photographers are licensed drone pilots and will check the FAA regulation app before each shoot. In the event they are unable to take any drone footage, we will contact you to either reschedule (if a temporary ban) or remove drone footage from your order. 

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